Sarah-Linda Forrer is a product designer based in Amsterdam. Born and raised in the French Pyrenees, she has always been inspired by the details of nature. With her intuitive and experimental way of working she searches for new beauty and attractive tactility. Fascinated by people’s rituals, she strives to create sensitivity for forgotten moments and details which influence our daily lives, triggering the imagination with her work.

Sarah-Linda Forrer graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in december 2013, department Man&Identity, where she developed an experimental and conceptual way of working, colour and material sensitivity and a good feeling for trends.

Together with Stella Derkzen she founded Studio Haze in 2015: an experimental design studio focussing on pattern and surface design for interior, product and fashion applications. 

She is currently combining her self-initiated work with freelance commissions and Studio Haze projects.


+31 6 50248137

Based in Amsterdam (NL)